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Model Off-Duty

Since the explosion of fashion blogs over the Internet, the concept of ‘model off-duty style’ has been the subject of considerable fascination. To be sure, not all of us have lithe limbs and a suave stride, but there’s something in the way these heavenly creatures carry themselves on the sidewalk as if on the runway that makes the rest of us want to try to emulate it. Thanks to websites entirely dedicated to the capture of such moments, we’ve tried to distill a few key tips to bring that je ne sais quoi (or ineffable coolness) into your daily life.

Have one thing that’s just a little off-kilter

Have you noticed how style icons always put their own twist onto their outfits? These models are immersed in the latest fashion day in day out, but they never copy a look directly from the look book. Add an unusual print or daring proportions, and watch your ordinary outfit take a turn for the extraordinary!

Speaking of unusual prints, we absolutely love the print on our The Lake House Skirt. How often do you get beach house and palm trees dancing on your summer wear? We styled it sweet and saccharine for our look book, but don’t be afraid to switch this darling up with some knit or even another print.

Play it stark

When in doubt, go monochrome! This doesn’t mean playing it safe, though. Monochrome can be so starkly striking when you play it up with clean lines and the occasional pop of colour in your accessories. Pro tip: know which shade of white works best for you and stick to it. Model Sun Fei Fei picks a dazzling white for her starched shirt dress, and boy does it accentuate her classic beauty!

We also love supermodel Karlie Kloss taking on the atheleisure trend and updating it for the city sophisticate. She recently paired sneakers with a simple tee and mirrored sunglasses. Although it helps to have a former dancer’s gait, we think the stark colours and tailored silhouettes helped make Kloss’s outfit stand out. Basics done right are just so good, wouldn’t you agree?

Try the look in our Wanderer Sleeved Dress. It may be plain in colour, but as these models have shown, that’s no hindrance to glamour if you play your cards right. We suggest strong ‘brows and classic sneakers for that model off-duty look over the weekend – and swopping to thin metallic heels for your gala night out.

Fake it till you make it

What’s life without a bit of fun? The best accessory to your off-duty outfit is going to be your posture and demeanour. Your 9-6 job may not be walking the runways of couture houses, but there’s certainly no harm dressing and carrying yourself like it is. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen even did a fun ‘tutorial’ for Jimmy Fallon in a recent video! (You can practise at home – we won’t tell.) Walk straight and tall, with confident strides, and keep your chin up, looking straight ahead – unless, of course, you get stopped for a paparazzi snap. Don’t forget to thank us when you do.

Photo credits: Vanessa Jackman; Who What Wear; Thread Theory


Travelling in Style

Travelling in Style

I don’t know about you, but I have a very definite image in mind when I think of a tourist. For me, it’s ill-fitting jeans and a backpack. For you, it may be sunglasses and a selfie stick. But I’m pretty sure neither of us wants to be that tourist when we travel.

Whether you’re travelling for fun or for work, to shop or to sightsee, travelling in style immediately puts you in the right frame of mind to be the best you possible. Travelling in style presents your best face to the locals and whomever you may meet, and equally as importantly, travelling in style doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort or practicality, as we’ll explain below.

One fundamental rule of travelling is to plan ahead. Wherever you’re going, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

At the airport

Don’t neglect to plan your airport outfits. They’re just as important as the ones you wear after you land, and a good airport outfit will save you a lot of hassle and frazzle on the way.

Don’t just head straight to the tees and jeans, either: there’s reason to believe stretchy, loose outfits are a lot more comfortable, especially for long haul flights. Blogger Jean Wang of Extra Petite recommends leggings or a stretchy knit maxi skirt. I’d go for the latter. Figure-skimming silhouettes are super stylish right now, and they strike a nice balance between dressy and casual.

Another great option if you are going for jeans is to top it off with a trench coat. Besides adding a (literal) layer of visual interest to a basic outfit, doing so also adds a modicum of warmth when you’re shifting from the commute to check-in to cabin. (We know how erratic air-con temperatures can get!) Get your inspiration from our favourite style icon Audrey Hepburn, who looked super classy at airport customs in 1968 with her tailored trench coat.

Cop that style even if you’re going to a summery locale with our Travellers Trench Coat, which offers a vest cut in two versatile colours (black or khaki). Even better: as a top layer, it can go over several kinds of bottoms, from shorts to jeans, even after landing, and you can choose to wrap it with a belt or tie it with a sash.  

After landing

Versatility is key when packing. One of the best tips I’ve ever heard is to start your packing with a colour scheme in mind, and make sure to pack all outfits in accordance with this colour scheme. This means you still have some leeway to mix and match your separates and accessories when you reach, depending on how you feel that day, and you’ll still look put together.

One trick to help you with this is our Abracadabra Reversible Parka. Like its name suggests, this parka is pure magic. One piece gives you a warm and stylish cover-up in two super on-trend colours. Pick this if you’re likely to run into some chilly winds wherever you’re travelling to!

As a final level-up to jetsetter extraordinaire, incorporate little nods to the mood and season of the destination as you pack. Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton, is well known for planning her outfits in such a manner for her royal engagements. For example, the Duchess chose a dress with orchid-like prints by Singapore-born designer Prabal Gurung for her trip here in 2011. Doing so is the Duchess’s way of showing respect to her hosts wherever she goes, but for the lay traveler, it’s a way to fit right in with the locals. Like the Duchess of Cambridge, do some research before you go – you won’t regret it when you land!

Travelling that’s stylish, versatile, intelligent, and comfortable? We’ll take a one-way ticket right there, please.

Photo credits: Gal Meets Glam; Extra Petite; Thread Theory; Google; Pinterest